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Apostle Michelle Peterson (nickname) "Woman of Fire"


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This is a teaching ministry and the heart is deliverance. The goal is to learn and be trained to walk in the power and promises of God. 


Past Events 

January 2016 29-31th

Prince of Peace Luthern Chicago IL

"Getting to the Root" Conference

February 5-7 2016

LIFE Ministry Chicago IL

"Defending the Gates" Conference 

March 26th 2016

The Word Only Deliverance Ministry, Greenville SC

"Women of Destiny"

April 8-10 2016
House of Hope International, Anderson SC 
"Warrior Bride" Conference

May 14 2016

Cynda Hunter Ministries, Fort Mill SC

"No Limit Spring Luncheon

May 16 2016

The Now Network, Easley SC

"Lift Your Voice" Live

May 21, June 17-19, July 16, 2016 

House of Hope International, Anderson SC 

"School of the Prophets" Warrior Bride 

June 3-4 2016

Rhema Word Worship Center, Chicago IL

"Kingdom Mandate" Conference 

June 11th 2016

Seer & Prophetic Training

Real Deliverance Ministries, SC

Pastor Leeangle Williams


Uganda Africa:     Revival broadcast with Pastor Alex Turyazayo
Hosted by Divine Moment Program.

July 15th, July 22th, July 29th 2015. 

Message from Pastor Alex Turyazayo to Apostle Michelle Peterson after the radio broadcasts. 

Hosting you on air is an honor and opportunity for me and my country

What a great word!!!

After your call, I received people's calls but they were overwhelming!!!. Every one is like wao!!

When is she coming again??

Everyone was talking about your name and your message. They got everything you spoke on the radio. I shown them your photo.

I'm having overwhelming calls

Since yesterday after the broadcast, overwhelming phone calls that I have never received are still coming in, politicians, students, men, women and all categories of people calling in and giving praise reports about your message!!  It's becoming bigger than I can imagine.

Millions of people are waiting.

God was speaking to me the other day that he is gonna make you a door way for His blessings here. And I realized it last night.

Apostle, overwhelmed by phone calls. People want you to speak again and again and again.. Please get ready for next week!!!

It's like usual for me, the hand of God is upon you.

Pastor Alex: I'm coming from meeting another woman healed of fever, during the broadcast.

Pastor Alex: Apostle, this old woman came to my house to testify to me about the radio broadcast!!. Amazing!!  She said she had a stressed heart but after your message, she got healed!!

Pastor Alex: I was invited today to this learning institution by the principal to hear some praise reports from the radio show. I was overwhelmed!!!. Hundreds of students were listening and they say were encouraged so greatly.. They are sitting their examinations. I told them to tune in next Wednesday the same time.  Praise God!!

Pastor Alex: Apostle Michelle, praise the lord!!. These are some of the great testimonies from your Wednesdays radio broadcast!. 
     1. Doleen . who was always having severe headache is now totally healed and is praising God.

      2.  Moses , is a police officer, when he had your Massage , he got encouraged and block the spirit of stress that was eating him up.

     3. Jessica , she was almost devocing but through your radio broadcast massage, she believed God in prayer with you, and now her husband has totally changed and is now a good husband . she called me while she was crying.

     4.  I have over 50 peoples praise reports about your great words of wisdom in your massage. And everyone is asking that keep preaching!!.

   5. More testimonies will keep coming in . becouse we have very many of them . God bless you apostle for your great work that God is using you to do.

   God bless you please. Pr. Alex.