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Apostle Michelle Peterson

Deliverance & Prophetic Trainer
Equipping the Saints of God

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Speaker,Trainer, Mentor, Overseer and God's Messenger

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Apostle Michelle Peterson Bio:

"And I will set up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them..." (Ezekiel 34:23)

A blessed product of the state of North Carolina. Apostle Michelle Peterson is the overseer of Freedom Nation Church in Gastonia NC. 

She was born in Charlotte North Carolina and as a child, she was abandoned by her young mother and left to be raised by her grandparents. Her early years laid the foundation for a life of sin. But even as a young girl she had a desire to help and encourage others in many ways. Those around her consider her to be wise for her age.

She is known for bringing life changing encounters and messages spoken directly from the mouth of the Lord. Her Testimony stands out to many because her life was totally transformed by the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Apostle Michelle was ordained as an Evangelist in October 2005 and Affirmed as an Apostle in July 2015. 

She has many gifts and mantles but to name a few she is anointed as an Exalter and helps Christians reach their maximum potential in their relationship with God. She has the gift of Teaching, gift of prophecy and she activates and Imparts the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to others. Apostle walks in the mantle of Fire, Extreme Power, Mass Deliverance and many others. 

She is called to prepare the people of God by helping them walk with God daily. She mentors and works with those who have the desire to walk with God 100%. She is extremely dedicated to her call and can be strict with those God has entrusted to her.

She is known for telling her mentees to “Ask God” everything.

She’s just getting started and has already ministered all over this nation and through via internet in countries like India and on the radio in Uganda Africa.

Apostle hosts a weekly Prayer Call on Mondays and she also Oversees the “Prophetic Fire” Club on Fridays. God's vision for this Ministry is to Draw His people closer to Him and for His people to be set FREE.

Social Media Chat about Apostle's Training

"Hi Apostle Michelle how are you doing? I have great news! I used the training cards this morning and I saw a vision. Saw black blocks about a few inches apart going like in a train, when I was using the card to ask God to destroy demonic assignments." 

Gabrielle Harris - North Carolina

"I just graduated from The School of the Prophets
Online Training course on 8/31/16. I received my two prophetic words this morning while in prayer. With instruction: God said, "If you will continue to seek my face, I will cause rivers of living water to flow from you"
Without instruction: God said, "I will hasten my word to perform it."

Marsha Leath - North Carolina