Freedom Nation Team

"Helping people walk with  God"

I was an Atheist with 12 Felony charges and looking at 25 years in prison 
and God saved me and got me out of it....

Apostle Michelle Peterson

Former Atheist now Apostle, Spiritual Mentor, Author, Deliverance Trainer, God's Messenger. "Nickname" Woman of Fire"

She is very Unique and not the typical Apostle. She's down-to-earth and full of wisdom. Apostle Michelle walks with God daily. She is called "God's messenger" because all of her Teachings are Words straight from the Mouth of God. 

She isn't like any Minister you have every heard. 

God has called her to help His people experience an intimate relationship with Him. 

One of her styles of ministering is "Equipping." She does this by having all who participate to practice exercises basic instructions from the Lord. 

Many have learned to depend on The Lord for everything. They have also experienced hearing God's voice clearer. 

Apostle Michelle lives a very disciplined life, and she teaches others to walk with God. She also believes all spirit-filled believers can hear the voice of God because of the Holy Spirit.  She has a Prophetic Course called "The School of the Prophets" where she shares few simple instructions God gave her to help His people Prophecy(hear His voice). CLICK HERE

Apostle Michelle is a survivor from a lifetime of family dysfunction, verbal and emotional abuse, divorces, alcoholism and other addictive behaviors.

She became a Christian in 2002. She loves to share her story about being an Atheist and having over 12 felony charges, facing 25 years in prison and How God got her out of all it. Powerful Testimony of the love of God. 

She connects with the audiences by being authentic, transparent and vulnerable about her life and faith.

Apostle Michelle is a member of "All Nation's Church" located in Fort Mill South Carolina. Her Pastors/Apostles are Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda. She loves to go to her home church when she's available to. 

Apostle Michelle was consecrated as an Apostle on July 7, 2015 and Affirmed by Bishop John C. Parks of  New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Winston Salem, North Carolina

Apostle Michelle Peterson was called to the Ministry of Deliverance by God in 2010 while attending a church service. God spoke to her and said "He called her to Deliverance because "He wanted His people Free."

Every since that day, deliverance has been her life. She is known as a pioneer in Deliverance. Her style of deliverance is different and simple. She has trained many leaders in deliverance and has materials on deliverance, spiritual warfare, prophecy and having encounters with God.


Apostle Ministering in India over skype and Uganda Africa